Recommended Books

There are hundreds of books about beekeeping. These are just some that I have read and found useful over the years.

This in my opinion is one of the best beekeeping reference books for new and experienced beekeepers alike.  It isn't for reading from cover to cover, but will be well used to look up the solution to problems with your beekeeping, or to answer questions.

Bill Turnbull, the BBC broadcaster, tells a very entertaining story of how he got into beekeeping.  I certainly could relate to many of his stories, told in a very amusing manner!

If taking exams is your 'thing', then you will need these two books for revision for the BBKA modular exams.  There are 8 modules in total, covering different aspects of beekeeping.  These books present the entire syllabus in note form for revision and also for finding out the level of detail needed for the exams.