Links to relevant people and places

Here are some sites that I have found useful:

Hanbury Hall - look in the National Trust website for details of opening times etc.  Please note that the bees are in the Walled Garden, which is not open all the time.  Also, although I try to get to the bees as often as possible, I can't guarantee that I will be there.  However, the bees will always be there and you can ask them as many questions as you like!

Worcester Resource Exchange - A charity who collect unwanted items from local companies and make them available to local groups and individuals to recycle.  My beehives are all painted with paint from WRE, some are roofed with plastic sheets from WRE and many are repaired with recycled wood from WRE.

British Beekeeping Association - There are hundreds of local beekeeping associations.  Most of these are affiliated to one of the County Beekeeping Associations (Worcestershire BKA in my case).  The county beekeeping associations are then all affiliated to the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA).  The BBKA provide lots of benefits to beekeepers, such as Public Liability and Product Insurance.  I would suggest that if you are interested in taking up beekeeping, don't join the BBKA directly, but instead join your local beekeeping association (  You will get exactly the same BBKA benefits, but with the added advantage of local contacts and events.

Worcestershire Beekeepers' Association  - The beekeepers' association for the county of Worcestershire. Found at  The association maintains a list of people who will collect swarms of bees in the Worcestershire area at You enter your postcode and it gives you the contact details of the nearest beekeeper to your home.

North East Worcestershire Beekeeping Association (NEWBKA) - My local association.  If you live in the area then check our website for details of events that we are holding.  We run a number of events and a 'beginning beekeeping' course every winter.